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BossMac's Great Teacher Onizuka Tv Review

Rated: 8

I've seen this show like 4 times and in my humble opinion, I've enjoyed it every time. Ignoring the horrors of the non-original dubs, this show certainly makes you want to see it over again. I'm not sure... maybe its just the great story, the non-stop comedy, or the drama... GTO really pulls you in with its bringings and makes you want more.

Some might not be turned on by Onizuka's antics. They say its too childish, tasteless and such. If Onizuka heard that, he'd plant those people on their heads. Yeah Onizuka likes to do the Middle Finger Salute frequently, get drunk, and then peep on girls, but that's just him. Its his character. And that makes him original. And I clearly believed that'd stray away from the main plot of the show.

Ok that wraps it up for this one.

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BossMac's Mobile Fighter G Gundam Tv Review

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Rated: 5

Actual Presentation Rating: 7
RACIST Rating: Does not compute... Immersion ruined

Finally we come to this... the Presentation Factor. Where do I start?

Let start off with the main premise of the show. This is as straightforward as you can get. In your face action is what you get from this one and it'll serve it plenty.

You can forget everything I said when you look at the enjoyment value of G Gundam. Certainly, the target audience here are children and mech-lovers and if you're part of those masses then you are certainly gonna get one massive dose of your medicine with this title.

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BossMac's Midori no Hibi Tv Review

Midori no Hibi

Rated: 8

Actual Presentation Rating: 9

The title presents itself excellently. The humour factor is superb. If you're the type that finds it humourous when someone gets "belly-to-back" suplexed or chased after by a girl then you'll find plenty of that here. The title also pokes fun at otaku culture, specifically the figure collector class. With Midori as a right hand who needs a puppet? Well, Seiji's "friend" knows that very much and would like to have Midori for himself... with Seiji imagining things that this guy would do to him including amputation and such.

This title also features a little ecchi for those skin lovers out there. And yes, you get to see right-hand Midori's bare chest...

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BossMac's Death Note Tv Review

Death Note

Rated: 8

So to wrap things up, I can honestly say watching Death Note was quite an experience. The overall packaging of the series was something I'd miss and makes me want to watch some more.

Its definitely a title that's fun to watch over and over again especially if you like serious thrillers which is quite a rarity in anime genres. But although serious, there are plenty of humorous scenes to at least lighten up the mood. Add to that the enjoyability of the anime as a whole and you've got yourself a great series.

I recommend this series to everyone who really likes serious titles that tackle real life issues, morality in this case.

But still, I can't help but state that the later arc is really disappointing for me, and I bet the same goes to some who have watched it, too.

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BossMac's Zenki Tv Review

Rated: 4

Overlooking the generic parts of the title, the show is quite enjoyable if you'll forget all about the plot. Humour and fighting are the strengths of this anime with plenty of it to go around for everyone.

I can't believe I'm slamming something I love so much but the truth hurts, right...

Recommended for kids (with adult supervision).

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BossMac's Tekken Game Review

Rated: 8

Being a fighting game, there's not really much to it.

There are plenty of unlockables to keep players glued to it but nothing that special for prolonged playing. Maybe if you're into professional playing then you might actually spend an entire day practicing or competing but for normal players, if you've got a bad day, stick this one in and forget about your troubles.

varying on the CPU skill level, you'll either be bored to death by the easiest CPU or get frustrated trying to beat the Ultra Hard CPU. It really depends on your opponent on how hard the fight is going to be. 2-player matches are still the best way to play this. Call some friends and beat the hell out of them or have them beat the hell out of you, you decide.

All in all, very great fighting game.

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BossMac's B't X Tv Review

Rated: 9

Bt' X use the "save brother then save the world" formula. Every episode is like a stage on a fighting game. But as the story progresses, viewers will discover much depth to the series.

Humor isn't much of a strong-point of the series, but it is really fun to see X and Teppei lashing at each other because of a small problem. There are few comic reliefs in the series, except maybe for X and Teppei themeselves, so don't go searching for comedy in this one. But keep in mind that this is not a very serious bare-bones action series.

Overall, Bt' X is a very enjoyable title. With great fighting and great mechs this is avery enjoyable show.

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BossMac's Pet Shop of Horrors Ova Review

Pet Shop of Horrors

Rated: 8

Petshop of Horrors is a simple well-made series. It features a great theme but this mostly makes for the fact that the plot is unoriginal and mostly predictable. Though it follows a simple formula for story, you will enjoy every bit of this and is worth a try. Character development is nothing important in this series as it only gives emphasis on the story.

Though not a blood and gore fest, which is probably good for it, horror fans will enjoy the series and is definitely perfect for a dark night at home with no one with you. Do not expect any Freddy Krueger and Pinhead kind of unleashed hell in this.

A freaky anime, with a freaky character and a freaky story. Humor is definitely absent even though Count D has some punch lines but are so deep you'll rather not think about it.

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BossMac's Slam Dunk Tv Review

Slam Dunk

Rated: 9

Slam Dunk is the first basketball anime (I think) and features a great plotline that doesn't require a genius to figure out. Thus making Slam Dunk predictable in terms of who will win (Shohoku only has one significant loss and that is against undefeated Kainan).

The creators must really have great sense of humor making a total wack like Sakuragi the hero. The comic relief, commonly the Sakuragi Squad and Judo Guy, are real laugh-riots are can get you laughing for some time. On-court humour are always abound with players from all team serving as clowns. Even Kainan's serious captain Maki gets his share of punchlines in this.

You will definitely enjoy this watching this as nice plays and great humours are all-over the place and will make viewers stay tuned just for that.

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BossMac's One Piece Tv Review

One Piece

Rated: 8

Though not original in story, the engine works great and is pleasing to know how Luffy and his mates are going to get out of a tricky situation. Humour is defintely one of the strongest aspect of this anime. The character never seem to have a lack of jokes even in serious situations especially from Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. Overall enjoyability is pretty high because you will not get dissapointed in watching the series. It is well-thought-of and the story just makes you more and more interested in watching. A good watch for everyone including the whole family. Gore factors are minimal only having Luffy and Zoro as the main culprit for seeing blood. Action is okay and you'll expect a decent amount of fighting in this series.

Now for the bad side.

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